Fire Hydrant Equipment Systems

A fire hydrant is a source of water provided in many regions with municipal water service available to assist the firefighters in extinguishing a fire. Fire hydrants are built in order to enable the firefighters to attend to fire emergences. There is a wide range of fire hydrant systems and yard hydrants and their required accessories available in the market.


Typically a fire hydrant system consists of AC motor driven pump sets along with all the necessary accessories such as valves, controls and instruments etc. an automatic hydrant system is completely equipped covering the areas fully from independent pipe work, the fire water pump set. The proposed jockey pump maintains the pressure of the fire hydrant pump while taking care of leakages if any in the system valves fittings and pipe lines. At all times the hydrant system is kept under the charge of pressured water. During an outbreak of a fire or related emergencies when any of the hydrant valves is opened in the net work, the relative fall in the pressure system automatically enables the start of ac motor driven fire water pumping set through pressure switches. There always will be a diesel engine pump in a standby serving the fire hydrant system. Though these fire hydrant systems are automatic, provisions are available for manual start up operations too, however shutting down of the pump sets will be manual.

Fire hydrant equipment systems can be furnished inside the buildings too. These hydrants are furnished along with required accessories such as hose pipes with spontaneous gun metal couplings as well as g.m branch pipes located in hose cabinets. Landing valve is generally single headed type and the outlets are of gun metal. With the help of suitable heavy brackets and supports HT Hose reels are firmly held up against the wall.

The hydrant main is laid in the form of ring main.  In order to release the trapped air in the pipe work the hydrant risers are terminated with air release valves at the highest points.